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Web development

Professional website design based on premium Wordpress themes. Fast, SEO-ready websites at a competitive price, launched in as little as two weeks.

Mobile Responsiveness

As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so does the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

Easy Content Management

You can easily manage your website content on your own or hire us to write and update it repeatedly.

Outstanding support

We know how important is your website to you and that's why we process request as soon as possible.

There’s no denying it—digital is the new reality.

Everyone’s on board the Digital Train. The advance of the digital revolution compels almost everyone to depend on the smartphones, computers, desktops, tablets, and laptops for answers and purchases.

The question is, “Are you on board?”

Here at Meketi, our smart marketing solutions make sure you are.

Brand: Not Just a Name—A Reputation

When it comes to winning in the field of digital marketing, it’s not just about fancy sites or discount promos.

Nurturing Your Brand, One Click at a Time

Meketi is YOUR full-service digital marketing agency in Minneapolis dedicated to helping your business reach its full potential—online. We use the latest techniques in the field to give your brand a boost to the top. Our process begins with the brand, and along the way, our team of talented digital marketing professionals brings fresh batches of innovative ideas to the table.

Our services offer thorough monitoring of your brand. You can easily spot unsatisfied customers or your reputation status with a click, for instance. Meketi’s in-depth analysis and reports provide a thorough look at your brand’s current standing.
Our aim is to improve branding with proper SEO techniques and functional websites. As our client, you deserve it.

Meketi’s services focus on creating effective strategies that are hinged on only the best in search engine optimization, custom web design, and social media. It’s all about driving organic search traffic with SEO. By creating responsive sites across all forms of devices, we put you in front of the target market—all thanks to social media, PPC, and email marketing.

Bringing Your Story to More People

Digital marketing isn’t just about winning customers; it is also tells the world of a unique story—yours.

Our services harness the power of digital marketing by telling others about you. We are one of your brand’s best chances to stand up and be heard. Whether it’s social media or local SEO, we bring your business to people in need of your product and service, as well as those who wish to learn more.

Due to the numerous channels on the web, getting your story out there is easier, especially with our team. Do not settle for shotgun marketing approaches; tell the world of your story by investing in succinct campaigns and maintaining special voices and brand styles.

Commitment and Experience Guaranteed

Finding the right digital marketing company in Minneapolis is not easy as it looks. For the sake of your business, it pays to work with a reputable name you can trust.

Meketi is one of Minneapolis’ trusted digital marketing agencies; our years of experience have taken us where we are now. With countless collaborations and successful results in our pocket, we still focus on designing, conceiving, and marketing brands, as well as on producing outstanding results, whenever and wherever we can.

We don’t just sell—we deliver.

Unlike other marketing efforts, we deliver results that are impactful and inspired; results that resonate well with the audience. Your customers are the most valuable assets you have. We help you keep them by building meaningful and long-term relationships, which eventually help you achieve your bottom line.

In the field of digital marketing, letting the competition get ahead is a costly mistake. Rather than watch them get all the good stuff, wow your audiences with a marketing strategy that works. With Meketi, we’ll keep you ahead.

Want to start your digital marketing journey? Get in touch with us today and learn more about our services.