About us

Meketi is a professional digital marketing agency serving businesses in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our team is committed to helping brands put their best foot forward on the web and in the real world. Our company was born from the longing to break free from the rigid stereotypes of digital marketing, as well as from the desire to help businesses out.

As one of Minnesota’s trusted providers of online marketing, our team works efficiently to meet all of our clients’ needs. Our partnership with industry experts hones our capability to provide clients with high-quality services. Every campaign is a TOP priority—we offer undivided attention to deliver significant results within a given time frame.

Energizing the business through good marketing services—that’s our game plan.

Dedicating All Resources to Long Term Strategies

With Meketi, you can be sure that we will strike a balance between optimization and other digital marketing priorities. Our team dedicates all resources to long-term SEO strategies, which means that we do not cut corners by confusing search engines or spamming websites. Through our long-term strategies, you can trust that your site will remain visible on all search engines despite the countless algorithm shifts.

Initially, these strategies seem time-consuming, but once the ball gets rolling, it causes less stress on search engines which are constantly changing their indexing and crawling methods.


Transparency is a must in any client-company relationship; it’s no different with our team. We believe that transparency is important, especially in the decision-making process. We let our clients know the who/what/where/when/why/how of their campaigns, as well as encourage better involvement.

Meketi keeps you updated with your current campaign. Detailed reports give you a better picture of your SEO campaign’s status. In line with our push for transparency, we provide monthly reports, which compare current rankings with the previous ones. Through regular reporting, you’ll see the progress our partnership has produced.

Professional Quality of Work

Search engine optimization is the main game of our work; our passion for all things SEO guarantees a systemized implementation of our work. Our team has the systems and processes in place. Apart from keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, we also update our techniques to ensure our services remain relevant.


We offer a variety of benefits, which include:

A Fresh Perspective

Sometimes, the best way to relate to your target market is to have others describe and advertise the business in layman’s terms. Meketi provides a fresh perspective, which unveils the best course of action. Remember, your target audience might be bigger than you think.

Expanding your brand’s perspective provides more opportunities to improve brand awareness. It is also a great way to draw more traffic to your business.